outreach & Missions

  • Local outreach

    Local Outreach is focused on community. 

    It’s the church going out into the community, interacting, communicating and showing the love of Christ beyond the walls of the church.  

    Our MISSION is to reach people with the name of Christ by helping people in a way that they know we truly care for them because Christ cares for them.

  • World-wide missions

    We support 11 missionaries on 5 continents. 

    It is the vision of our Missionary Committee to foster and encourage a close relationship between our church and our missionaries: news and prayer requests reach our congregation as soon as possible, visits by the church to ‘the field’ and by missionaries to our church are facilitated and encouraged.

Partners here and there

Christian Community Church supports a variety of programs and organizations that work in local communities and throughout the world to share the gospel while being the hands and feet of Christ.